International student, Current student

Subject area
Creative Arts

After having a positive experience whilst studying the master’s programme I was motivated to continue studying with Loughborough University. My background is in Graphic Design and Visualisation and I developed a good relationship with my supervisor, tutors and classmates, which promoted a healthy research environment and helped me to achieve a distinction grade. Additionally, it helped me to build up my confidence to study a PhD.

My PhD project is an extension of my work during my master’s where I rethought the design of wayfinding and signage systems from a human-centred method to improve the friendliness in a traditional maternity hospital setting. During my master’s project I developed a research interest from a multicultural perspective into the design of signage in hospitals to better serve people with different backgrounds and languages. This was my preliminary draft for my research proposal.

My PhD research aims to explore how graphic design could formulate a framework to organise multilinguistic landscapes in cities to contribute to sustainable urbanisation. Currently, we are living in a world undergoing a myriad of changes in the twinkling of an eye. Globalisation, modernisation, and diversification has brought new opportunity to encourage cultural diversity and social inclusiveness in communities to contribute towards a sustainable urbanisation, which is part of the UN-Habitat ‘New Urban Agenda’.


I would like to continue my research into my future career. There are few occupations I am considering such as a post-doctoral, research associate or lecturer. Studying a PhD provides a brilliant opportunity to improve my independent research skills, which helps towards my ability to better contribute to the academic environment in my future career.

I have to say that studying a PhD is a long journey to complete, and sometimes you may feel that you are struggling or finding things confusing. However, it is important to build up your confidence and believe in yourself. Feel free to talk about your concerns and feelings with your supervisor, colleagues, tutors, and friends.

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