Ana W

Alumna, International student

Having engaged in various sports activities since childhood, I became particularly drawn to the field of biomedical engineering after experiencing a sports injury before entering university.

This inspired me to pursue a career where I could contribute to helping individuals return to their sports activities or enable them to engage in sports, much like the support I received.

I recognized that if I were to embark on an international academic journey and pursue my sports-related aspirations, it was essential to do so at the premier institution for sports education. Loughborough University stood out as the ideal choice.

The well-equipped laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment at my disposal have significantly enhanced my learning experience. The course's emphasis on a balanced combination of theoretical concepts and hands-on experimentation helped me with a comprehensive understanding of the subject. This blend has not only expanded my knowledge-base but has also equipped me with the practical skills to apply what I have learned in real-world scenarios.

Ana W

I have now embarked on a role as a PhD researcher in an engineering department in Spain, focusing on materials applicable to the socket for lower-limb prosthetics. Loughborough University played a pivotal role in preparing me for this next step in many ways.

The insightful conversations with people at Loughborough provided valuable perspectives, experiences, and guidance, enriching my understanding of the field and helping me align my goals.

Additionally, the Career Hub assisted me in refining my CV and provided valuable guidance on effective job searching strategies.

The academic support and expertise provided by the University helped me to never feel isolated during challenging moments throughout my course.

The assurance of having a support system in place was invaluable, particularly when faced with difficulties in understanding certain concepts. Assistance was readily available if I encountered obstacles, not only in an academic sense.

Beyond academics, the sports facilities not only provided me with enjoyable recreational opportunities but also imparted valuable knowledge and fostered connections with friends.

One of the standout highlights of my time at Loughborough has been the opportunity to volunteer as a tennis coach for "my lifestyle" classes. Spending several days a week in these classes allowed me to actively contribute to the community while also pursuing my passion for tennis.

Additionally, being part of one of the tennis teams provided me with a sense of accomplishment, making it a particularly cherished aspect of my overall experience.

My advice to prospective students would be to seize every opportunity and extract knowledge not only from your lecturers but also by actively participating in external activities. Transform your time at the university into an experience that encompasses both academic learning and engagement in sports.

Actively engage with your lecturers, immerse yourself in coursework, and appreciate the program's balance between theoretical and experimental knowledge. This ensures that you acquire the skills demanded by the working field.

Embrace the interdisciplinary nature of the programme, providing a unique perspective on the world of sports that you might not have considered before.

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