International student, Alumnus

An all-encompassing, fulfilling and enlightening student experience is provided here at Loughborough.

What were you doing before starting the course?

Prior to commencing my study, I completed a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and subsequently took a break from academia to figure out my interests, determine my desired career path and identify any opportunities for personal growth.

Why did you choose to study MSc Finance and Management at Loughborough?

Loughborough was one of my top options since it is regarded as one of the best universities in the UK, and I had always been interested in studying there. The Finance and Management course, which includes both core finance modules and management modules, is what I believe really piqued my interest. I reasoned that this might give me more exposure to both the technical aspects of finance as well as the workings of the business world.

The campus is incredibly stunning, but it's also teeming with extracurricular activities that offer a tonne of chances to improve one's talents and have fun. Plus, Loughborough is a perfect little town in the Midlands, calm and equally enthralling to study and enjoy in.

What did you love the most about your course?

During my academic journey, I encountered two modules that have captured my interest. The first one was introduced during my second semester, while the second one took shape during the summer semester. One of the captivating courses I studied was 'Performance Valuation and Stock Appraisal'. I am intrigued by this course's potential to offer a thorough understanding of investment bankers' operations. Furthermore, it provided me with the essential skills to create complex financial models, fostering my desire to pursue a career in investment banking.

The 'Financial Market Project' module stood out to me. This endeavour resembled a mini dissertation, which I added to my collection of accomplishments on my CV. In this course, I had the privilege to select a topic in the expansive field of finance. I was given the opportunity to investigate any topic of interest and thoroughly examine its complexities. This resource was crucial in developing my independent research skills as I explored the complex field of mergers, which had captured my interest. This module was highly valuable in my self-discovery journey, with esteemed professors ready at the terminal to switch on any lights necessary to illuminate my way.

What kind of support did you receive?

Throughout the course of my studies, I acquired a multitude of knowledge and skills, and it was of even more importance to be able to present those skills as a job applicant to a recruiter who is unfamiliar with my work. The careers service at Loughborough University provides exceptional support in CV writing and conducting aptitude tests, which are an important part of the job application process.

Additionally, Loughborough University offers one of the largest career fairs available for students to attend. Attending such events is beneficial for students seeking employment or placements. Various companies participate, providing opportunities for networking and gaining insights into recruiters' expectations and requirements. I had the opportunity to attend several events and engage with companies on campus. This helped me get a much clearer understanding of available job opportunities and the specific job requirements sought by companies.

What are your career aspirations following your MSc?

After completing my master's degree, my goal is to pursue a career as an Investment Banker specialising in Private Equity and Mergers. I plan to become a Chartered Management Accountant, and my course provides exemptions for some of my CIMA exams, which greatly aids my pursuit. I plan to obtain additional chartered designations from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association, and Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances.

What has been your favourite thing about being a Loughborough student?

Access to the numerous sporting facilities was a noteworthy part of my Loughborough experience for me. As soon as my lessons were through, my friends would find me playing squash and tennis at the Dan Maskell Tennis Centre or supporting and watching our rugby team play on the ground behind Sir Richard Morris (Loughborough Business School) building. Another one of my favourites here would be to walk through the campus to Hollywell Park and watch the ducks swim.

Plus, living in Loughborough town allowed me to completely immerse myself in the school environment's beauty and active atmosphere, as well as the variety of people I met during the weekly Loughborough markets.

What would you say to someone considering studying at Loughborough?

Prior to attending Loughborough, I had not put together any long term plans for the years to come. However, my time here has provided me with valuable self-awareness and a newfound appreciation for the numerous opportunities that I aspire to pursue after completing my master's.

I highly recommend Loughborough University for individuals considering pursuing a master's degree. The MSc Finance and Management programme offers a solid fundamental structure that integrates financial and management perspectives. This makes it particularly suitable for individuals with non-finance backgrounds who are interested in pursuing finance careers. This course offers students valuable insights on improving their financial capabilities.

Furthermore, individuals seeking a vibrant campus life and a desire to reside on campus should consider Loughborough University due to its aesthetically pleasing environment. Living in Loughborough town has provided me with abundant greenery and a positive experience thus far.

In addition, Loughborough University provides ample opportunities for engagement in both academic and athletic pursuits. Individuals with a passion for sports are going to discover a wide range of activities to participate in. By joining societies, or becoming a hall or course representative, students can further immerse themselves in extracurricular activities. Even though my course is now finished, I am still finding new things to do in Loughborough.

This experience has been highly valuable for me and I anticipate it will be equally beneficial for you. Loughborough University provides an eclectic mix of opportunities for students to get involved. There are ample opportunities for socialising with friends and participating in extracurricular activities. Participating in societies and attending events, such as those organised by the Union, greatly enhances students' overall enjoyment and quality of life.

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