The MSc at Loughborough University was everything I had hoped it would be.

The modules were interesting and engaging, the staff were brilliant both at delivering the material and their interaction with students outside of the modules when I had further questions. Having worked as a Manufacturing Engineer with Caterpillar, I was asked when I applied if I really wanted to take on this course as engineers in the past have found it particularly difficult and even dropped out. Knowing I had a deep-rooted passion for mathematics and a tendency to dig my heels in when faced with a challenge, I was certain I wanted to enrol in the course.

Typically on this course, the dissertation is completed with an industrial partner of the University. From the very beginning I had every intention of undertaking a project with Caterpillar. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, this did not turn out to be feasible. I had spoken with my course tutor who suggested taking on a project within the Mathematical Sciences department. My task was to model the way in which droplets that are expelled when we cough or sneeze are projected. The work I completed with my supervisor led to some new findings. Once the dissertation was handed in and marked, we agreed to write up the project and submit it to an academic journal which we have recently found out has been accepted for publication and has in fact been elected a featured article of the journal.


Since re-joining Caterpillar after completing my MSc I have been working as a Data Scientist within the engineering department. The MSc has developed the skill set needed for this role.

Two modules that were particularly helpful were Mathematical Modelling 1 & 2 which saw students put into teams to apply the techniques learned in other modules to tackle loosely defined problems. At the end of these modules we had to present our methods and findings which is typical for tasks in industry and one I have always found difficult. The feedback from the lectures during these modules has allowed me to develop my presentation skills.

In the future I would like to pursue a PhD, I love being able to delve deeper into a single project, getting to know its ins and outs and building something that is my own.

I think that’s why MSc dissertation was so enjoyable. For the time being I am trying to ignite the passion students might have for mathematics through voluntary work as a STEM ambassador and a private tutor and trying to show them that there is more than one way to get to university.

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