Digital Technologies

The Institute for Digital Technologies offers teaching and research excellence across all major areas of digital technologies.

Why choose to study digital technology with us?

Our degrees look at the latest trends and advances

These include the latest advances in big data, interactive and creative media, communication technologies, advanced 5G networks, cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart and autonomous systems.

Want to undertake a research degree? We can help with that too

PhD students within the Institute for Digital Technologies are provided with unrivalled access to industry partners and are given the opportunity to participate in largescale international collaborative projects. With access to extensive software and equipment, as well as a dedicated research facility completed with hot desks, a kitchen and a social area, it is easy to see why the Institute boasts an exceptional postgraduate research experience.

London is a fantastic location for students

The Digital Technologies master's and PhD programmes are taught in the heart of East London, which is recognised as the UK's hub for innovation and progressive technology. As a postgraduate student within the Institute for Digital Technologies, you will work with real-world clients to shape the future of audio, visual and digital media systems, whilst discovering the latest advances in 5G networks.

We're renowned for building strong collaborations

The Institute for Digital Technologies is renowned for building strong collaborations with national and international academic, research, and industrial organisations. This includes British Telecom, BT Sport, PTV Group, Chelsea FC, Thales, BBC, Telefonica, Rohde & Schwarz, Technicolor, Arçelik, and Disney Research.

You'll learn from some of the most influential thought-leaders

Each programme offers teaching from the most influential thought leaders, pioneering researchers and creative innovators to expose students to the latest theories and developments from across the discipline. Programmes are shaped by the principles and discoveries of our current research, and students are encouraged to participate in development projects and industry-focused work experience opportunities where possible.

Research is important to us

Research is a crucial part of daily activity within the Institute for Digital Technologies. Our research allows us to deliver a unique teaching experience that is at the forefront of our discipline. By pursuing one of our postgraduate research programmes, you will have the opportunity to work with top researchers and industry leaders, and gain first-hand experience of real-life problem solving.

The Institute for Digital Technologies provides exciting and cutting-edge research opportunities for postgraduate research students. Our PhD students are linked to major companies, have access to extensive research and computing facilities, and have the opportunity to participate in large scale international collaborative projects, providing them with an exceptional insight into the world of digital technologies.

Current research within the Institute for Digital Technologies incorporates discoveries and advances into the following areas:

  • Interactive 3D Media
  • Advanced 5G Systems
  • Big Multimedia Data
  • Smart Living
  • Cyber Security

Research collaborations

The Institute for Digital Technologies is proud to work in collaboration with national and international organisations and institutions, including Thales, BBC, Telefonica, IRT, Rohde & Schwarz, Technicolor, Arcelik, Telecom Italia, Airbus Defence and Space, as well as Disney Research.

We'll help you to develop the skills sought by employers

Whether you choose to undertake a master's or a PhD with the Institute for Digital Technologies, you will complete your postgraduate programme with the knowledge and skills required to secure a wide variety of desirable roles in the digital and technological industries. Workshops and activities offered as part of your programme will also enable you to receive the necessary skills and knowledge to set up your own start-up venture if desired.