Open days

Once a student has narrowed their potential options to perhaps ten universities (or less) they need to go and visit if possible or attend virtual open days. These are one of the best forms of research, allowing you to view the campus and facilities, meet staff and current students, and get a feel for the campus either first-hand or through online videos and presentations.

Open days - a guide for parents

Watch our short video on how to make the most of university open days.

Open days can take place all year round, but the vast majority are in June/July and September/October. Again, taking some time before the day to decide what you want to see and information you need to obtain can help you make the most of the day. Most universities will publish an open day guide, which shows the schedules of talks and tours on offer so you can plan your time effectively.

Our experience is that parents who attend open days with their children often have different questions and think about details that students may overlook. This is really beneficial to the research process so please do not hesitate to ask anything when you visit.

It is important that university is viewed as a complete package, students should review all elements of what is on offer to enhance both their academic and social experience and factor these into their decision making process.

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