Please note that Loughborough Business School and the Department of Computer Science do not accept incoming UNITECH exchange students.

Please also note that the majority of modules from the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering are taught for a full year and so you would need to do a year-long exchange.

Although you cannot take management-related modules from the School of Business and Economics, there are management modules in the five engineering Schools and departments which you can consider taking while on your study exchange.

Finding Modules:

You must choose one of the Schools or departments mentioned above to be your host and then choose all modules from that School or department.

There may be flexibility to allow you to take a module from a second School or department but this will be considered on a case by case basis.

Each School or department has produced a list of modules that are open to exchange students. The link below takes you to the Exchange Student Module Catalogue:

To view full module descriptions, specifications and assessment methods, you can use the link below: 

  1. Click on the name of the School or department you are interested in,
  2. Click on the title of the module you are interested in for the full module description, which includes the semester it is taught in.


When considering modules, please take note of the following:

1. Loughborough University module codes indicate the level/year of study, e.g. 18TTB002

Academic year '2018-19' School or department code Level/year of study Unique module code

As a UNITECH exchange student, you should first be looking at modules from Part C and Part D, even if you are a postgraduate student at your home university.

  • Part A modules = Year one of an undergraduate or integrated master’s degree
  • Part B modules = Year two of an undergraduate or integrated master’s degree
  • Part C modules = Year three of an undergraduate or integrated master’s degree
  • Part D modules = Final year of an integrated master’s degree
  • Part P modules = Taught on a one-year post-graduate programme (These can sometimes be taken, in discussion with the UNITECH LOC and APD at Loughborough University but this does not apply to the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering – if you see a Part P module you like from the Wolfson School, check Part D as many modules are offered in both parts).

2. Semesters at Loughborough University

The module descriptions will tell you the delivery period:

  • ‘Semester 1’ means the module is taught only in the Autumn Semester i.e. approximately October to February
  • ‘Semester 2’ means the module is taught only in the Spring Semester i.e. approximately February to June
  • ‘Semesters 1 and 2’ means the module is a year-long module so you can only take this if you are here for a full year study exchange

All provisional module choices are subject to timetabling. In the event of two modules being taught at the same time, you will need to review and select alternative modules.

Next steps

Thank you for considering Loughborough University as an exchange location for your UNITECH programme.

  • Please contact the UNITECH Local Office Co-ordinator for Loughborough University at if your question relates to Loughborough University
  • Please contact your home university Local Office Co-ordinator for any general UNITECH questions.