History - The Slave Trade

This box aims to develop or build students’ knowledge about transatlantic chattel slavery and the slave trade, to inform and educate students as to the impact on countries and cultures across time. In addition, the box also aims to educate students on the how lessons learned from the past can help us to better understand and challenge modern slavery.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are advising teaching staff to review the content of this session prior to delivery, as some of the material within this box may be deemed inappropriate for specific age groups.

This box is a physical box but can also be sent digitally, however this will require printing/cutting documents. 

Curriculum links

  • GCSE History (Primary and Secondary source analysis)
  • Extracurricular

Box contents

  • Memory stick
  • Presentation
  • Lesson plan
  • Activity resources: Including primary and secondary evidence sources

Classroom requirements

A standard classroom is suitable for this activity.