Overview: This box aims to provide a session to help students further develop transferable skills applicable to good teamwork, including communication, leadership, listening and strategic thinking. It should equip them well to work with new people, overcome challenges and in turn, increase their self-esteem.

Time required: Individual activities can be selected for timeframes as short as 15 mins, but we provide a selection of activity combinations lasting up to 2 hours 30 mins.

Box Contents

All boxes have equipment for 35 participants. Additional participants should be highlighted during the booking process.

USB card

Lesson Plan






Plastic cups

Cotton wool



Lollipop sticks

Uncooked spaghetti


Tape measure


Deliverer and Participant Evaluation Forms

Classroom Requirements

A sports hall would be ideal for these activities. Space outdoors is required for one of the activities. Presentation facilities to show PowerPoints are essential. We ask that you also provide the eggs required for one of the optional activities to avoid breakages during delivery (6-9 for a groups of 35).

Terms and conditions of borrowing a box

Terms and Conditions

This document sets out the terms and conditions for schools utilising Loughborough University’s HE Unboxed programme. The following terms and conditions apply to all of the boxes within the HE Unboxed programme.

Allocated time per box:

In order to ensure we can reach as many schools as possible, schools may have an HE Unboxed activity on their premises for a maximum of two weeks at a time. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, schools agree to adhere to these timescales.

Boxes should be returned by the date agreed with the WP team. Unless alternative collection arrangements are made, the boxes are to be returned using the labels provided at the cost of the booking school. If for some reason the labels are missing – the box should be posted to the following address:

School and College Liaison Team

Student Recruitment, Marketing and Admissions

Hazlerigg Building

Loughborough University



LE11 3TU

Damaged or missing items:

Each box includes an equipment list required to successfully run the activity, if the box is found to be missing equipment, or if any of the equipment is found to be damaged, the WP team reserves the right to ask schools to cover the cost of replacements. 

Please note, that Items marked with an asterisk (*) are classed as consumables and do not need to be replenished by schools. 

Use of items:

All equipment provided through HE Unboxed has passed Loughborough University’s required safety checks, and where required, safety equipment has been provided. Therefore, Loughborough University is not responsible for any injuries that may occur whilst using the equipment within HE Unboxed activity.

The resources and materials provided should not be reproduced or redistributed beyond your own school without the permission of Loughborough University.