Studying on a Visitor Visa: Requirements and Application

Below you can find information about the requirements and the application process for studying on a visitor visa.

What are the visitor visa requirements?

In order to get visitor permission you may need to demonstrate: 

    • You are 16 or over 
    • You are genuinely seeking entry to the UK for a period not exceeding 6 months 
    • You have been accepted on a course of study provided by Loughborough University (this includes those conducting a period of research studies as part of an overseas degree) 
    • Where relevant – proof of your overseas studies and that your time at Loughborough forms part of this. 
    • You intend to leave the UK before your visa expires 
    • You can meet the costs of your living expenses, accommodation and return or onward journey from the UK 
    • You do not intend to work or engage in any business or professional activity 
    • ATAS approval, if your study or research is in one of the relevant subjects and you are not exempt.  Your offer should confirm if this is required, further information is available here. You should apply for an ATAS certificate at least one month but no more than 6 months in advance of obtaining your visitor permission. 

How do I apply for a visitor visa or visitor permission?

Visa nationals must apply for a visitor visa before travelling to the UK. You can only apply for initial permission from outside the UK, usually online.

Non-visa nationals can apply for leave to enter from a Border Officer on arrival in the UK, make sure you carry confirmation of your studies and finances to allow your circumstances to be verified. Some nationals can readily obtain visitor permission by entering the UK via an eGateYou might choose to apply for an entry clearance before you travel by following the visa application process, this could make entry at the border quicker especially if you have had any previous immigration problems. Entry to the UK from the Republic of Ireland is not always staffed or recorded, if so your permission can be limited by entering this way and it would not be advisable if you want to ensure you receive six months permission.  

If you have a passport from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates you can obtain permission as a visitor using an electronic visa waiver (EVW). Show your EVW when you travel to the UK. You can print it or show it on an electronic device, such as a phone or tablet. Make sure you carry confirmation of your studies and finances. 

What documents will I need?

The documents required will depend on your circumstances but could include: 

    • Loughborough University visiting student letter.  
    • An ATAS clearance certificate if required (see What are the visitor visa requirements? above)  
    • Evidence of how you will pay for any outstanding tuition fees, your living expenses, accommodation and travel costs, e.g. personal bank statements for at least three months, sponsorship letter, employer’s letter. 
    • Any evidence of your intention to leave the UK, e.g. letter confirming you have to return to work or further studies in your home country, proof of business activities, property ownership and other family or economic ties to your home country, return or onward flight booking. 
    • Any document not in English should be accompanied by a professional translation. 

Last Updated: 27th April 2023