If you are managing your own utilities, i.e. you have chosen the exclusive rent option, then there are a few things you should consider.

Gas, Electricity & Water

It is important to take your meter readings regularly, especially on the first and last days of your tenancy.  

Find out who the current supplier is from your landlord/letting agent or by typing your postcode into the Energy Networks Association website. If you want to change your supplier to get a better deal, check your contract to see if you need your landlord's permission. Additionally, check if there are any cancellation costs. Moving to a cheaper tariff without changing supplier could also be a way to save money.  

You can shop around for a new supplier before moving in, but you cannot sign up until the start of your tenancy. This means you will get at least one bill from the old supplier. You can find information on changing your energy supplier on the Ofgem website.

When you do receive a bill, double check the reading is accurate and not estimated. Make sure that the bill is paid on time.

Unless your property is fitted with a water meter, this is a fixed cost.

There is no discount for paying by direct debit but it may be the most convenient way to pay.


Use online comparison websites to find the cheapest deal. If you plan to live in the house for 9-10 months, consider purchasing broadband after the summer but remember that some providers will not allow you to sign up for less than 12 months.  

Ensure you go for a deal that allows enough data usage for the whole household and check if there is a reasonable use policy before you sign up.

Last Updated: 27th April 2023