Moving In

Moving home is a big job that is not over when you have unpacked your things. It’s essential that you allow time take the steps below, to prevent future problems and to ensure that your new home is safe.

The Day the Tenancy Starts

  • Take gas, electricity, and water meter readings. Even if your bills are included in your rent, it is important to keep a record in case of any discrepancies/errors that might arise later.  
  • Check the accuracy of the inventory supplied by the landlord. If you have not been given an inventory ask for one or create your own.
  • If there are any pre-existing problems such as damaged furniture, stains on carpets, marks on the wall, etc ensure that you record this accurately and if possible, take digitally dated photos for future reference.
  • Return the inventory to the landlord/agent with details on any amendments, omissions or damage and keep a copy yourself. In some cases, some agents will use video inventories, we advise that you also create a written inventory.  
  • Even if you are not moving into your property on the date the tenancy starts, try to attend the property on that day so that the inventory can be completed and returned. If you are in a joint tenancy, one housemate can do this on behalf of all the joint tenants.
  • Test the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. 
  • Test and start to use any burglar alarms. 
  • Consider taking out home contents insurance for your possessions. 
  • If there are any leftover possessions or rubbish from previous tenants, contact your landlord.

The Day you Move In

  • Find out who manages the property and their contact details so that you know who to contact in case of an emergency. 
  • Find out where the fuse box and water stopcock are located. 
  • If you are paying your own bills, inform the utility companies of the date your tenancy started.  
  • Buy a TV licence if you need one. 
  • Notify the relevant bodies of your new address, for example the university, bank, Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency and doctors’ surgery.
  • Locate your rubbish and recycling bins and find out what day they are collected. For FREE refuse & recycling service updates, text your post code only to 07860 019100. Check Charnwood Borough Council’s website for further information.

Check your Documents

  • Make sure you have a copy of your tenancy agreement. You might need to look at this to check your rights and responsibilities. 
  • Your landlord/letting agent needs to provide you with the ‘prescribed information’ confirming your deposit protection within 30 days of you paying your deposit. Check when you paid your deposit. You can use the links to the protection schemes on the Deposits page, linked below, to see whether it has been protected within the required 30 days.  
  • Landlords are required to provide a copy of the ‘How to rent: The checklist for renting in England’, at the start of the tenancy. Make sure you have this. 
  • Make sure you have a copy of the current gas safety certificate.

Further Guidance

Last Updated: 28th September 2023