Registering with the GP

We recommend registering with a GP as soon as you can.

Arriving at University

For home students, you can register with a GP be prior to your arrival at university.

For international students, you should register as soon as you arrive in the UK.

If you take regular medication, please bring at least 2 month’s supplies with you to university from your current GP.

Loughborough Campus

You can find a GP Practice near the University using the NHS Choices Service or

London Campus

To find a GP near to the campus, you can use the NHS Choices Service. The website shows all GPs in the area, alongside their addresses and phone numbers.

Treatment away from the University

If you require medical attention whilst away from university (for example, when returning home during the vacation periods), you can register at an alternative surgery as a temporary patient. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an international student, should I register with the GP's surgery prior to my arrival in the UK?

You will need to await until you arrive in the United Kingdom before trying to register with a GP Surgery.

Last Updated: 24th May 2023