Professional Conflicts

There may be times when you disagree with comments made by your University Lecturers, or you may have a supervisor who you experience conflict with.

Sometimes this can be due to differences in opinions on topics of discussion or when having received a grade and you do not agree with the marks or the comments. In other cases, you might experience conflicts with your PhD or Dissertation Supervisor over your style of work, or you may feel like they are providing too much or not enough support. Whatever the reason, it is important that you deal with conflicts in a professional manner and try to resolve them. Below you can find some tips on how to deal with professional conflicts. 

Top Tips

    1. Open Communication – Sometimes the other person may not be aware of the problem, go and talk to the person about how you are feeling but make sure to go into the discussion willing to hear what they have to say. 
    2. Ask for feedback – If you have received a mark youre unhappy with, talk to your lecturer in the first instance. They may be able to offer feedback and guidance as to how you can improve for next time. 
    3. If you need impartial advice talk to the Loughborough Students’ Union’s Advice ServiceThe service provides free, independent, confidential, and non-judgemental advice for taught students and doctoral researchers at both the Loughborough and London campuses.

If you believe a member of University Staff Member is behaving inappropriately, for example abusing their position in the University or has made racist/sexist/homophobic comments you can report this (both named and anonymously) to the University via our Online Incident Reporting Portal. 

How can the University Support you?

If you are experiencing conflict with a lecturer, you can discuss this with your personal tutor who will be able to offer further advice and guidance.  

Alternatively, if you do not feel comfortable discussing the conflict with your personal tutor or you are experiencing conflict with your personal tutor or for any other reason you can contact Loughborough Students’ Union’s Advice Service. Who provide free, independent, confidential, and non-judgemental advice for taught students and doctoral researchers at both the Loughborough and London campus.  

If the conflict has impacted your mental health, you can contact the University’s Mental Wellbeing Team

What to do next?

Contact your Academic Department

They may be able to provide guidance around changing your supervisor or can offer other advice on what your next steps should be.

If you are a Doctoral Researcher

You should contact the doctoral college for further advice and support.

Contact LSU

If you would like to talk to a student you should contact Loughborough Students’ Union Advice for further advice and guidance.

If your Mental Health has been Impacted

You should complete our Online Mental Wellbeing Referral Form to receive support from the Mental Wellbeing Team.

Harassment or Bullying

If you think that you or someone else is being harassed or bullied or you can report the incident using the Online Incident Reporting Portal.  

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Last Updated: 4th September 2022