Deferring the Start of Your Master's Course Before Starting Your Studies

If you would like to defer your start, you will need to email the postgraduate taught admissions office and ask for your request to be considered. The University will aim to provide a decision regarding your deferral request as soon as possible. 

If you defer more than once you may be required to complete a new application. 

Deferring a place can mean having to pay higher tuition fees and may affect any funding, such as scholarships, you already have in place. 

There are various implications of deferring the start of your course before your studies outlined below:

Student Finance

If you are funded by Student Finance (England, Wales, NI or SAAS) you should notify them of any deferral to prevent overpayment and preserve future entitlement.  You will need to apply again for student finance for the new start date of your course, funding is not automatically deferred to the following year. Applications for funding normally open in April/May prior to the start of your course.


University Halls

If you have already reserved a Hall room you should complete the accommodation cancellation request form, please also refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Private Halls and Private Rented Accommodation

If you have signed a contract for off-campus private halls or a private house/flat you will probably be liable to pay rent to the end of the contract whether you live there or not. If you do not wish to live in the accommodation, you can: 

  • Check to see if there is an early release (break) clause in your contract, and/or 
  • Try to find a replacement tenant. The landlord will need to agree to a transfer to release you from your contract. It is strongly recommended that you sign a deed of surrender or assignment. We can advise you further on this.

If you are living in the accommodation as a non-student you may become liable for council tax for the whole property (subject to a 25% discount if you are the only non-student living in the property).

Last Updated: 12th December 2023