Local Charnwood Services

Outlined on this page are some of the key local services which you might be in need of when living off campus.

Charnwood Borough Council

The local council for the Loughborough area is the Charnwood Borough Council. They are the first point of contact for any issues regarding residential matters such as:

    • Waste and recycling
    • Council tax
    • Community advice
    • Transport and travel
    • Local facilities

In most cases it is best to contact the Charnwood Borough Council directly or use their website and tools such as My Charnwood in order to find the information that you are looking for. It is also possible to contact the Charnwood Borough Council by calling 01509 634560 and booking an appointment with the customer service centre which is located on Southfield Road.

For more details on how to contact the Charnwood Borough Council please have a look at their contact us webpage.

Recycling and Waste Collection

It is essential that you know when and what bin will be collected. It is also important to mention that you can bring your wheelie bin out 24 hours prior to the collection happening and need to have brought it back no later than 24 hours after the collection has happened.

Make sure to look at the Charnwood Borough Council website on Recycling and Waste to learn more about everything related to recycling and waste collection, such as what bags to use, what goes into the recycling bin, etc.

Leicestershire Constabulary

The Leicestershire constabulary is the local police force that covers Loughborough. The police station is located in the town centre and has an inquiry office which you can visit if you would like to use the police services in person. You can also contact the police by calling them for either:

    • Emergencies: Dial 999
    • Non-emergency contact (for general enquiries and reporting non-emergency crimes): Dial 101

For more information, please see the Leicestershire Constabulary website.

University Police Officer

To make university life safer, Loughborough university have their own police officer. Hetal, is a police officer for Leicestershire Police, is based in Loughborough and is the link officer for Loughborough University. Hetal works closely with the on-campus security team to ensure a safe university environment. She can be found walking around campus or in the security office.

If you would like to report a crime you can call 101 or use the online reporting tool or in emergency situations you can call 999.

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Last Updated: 14th July 2022