Injury and Sickness

Whilst at University it is inevitable that you might get injured or ill at some point. This could be getting freshers-flu or suffering from some kind of injury.

Regardless of what you might be suffering from it is important you know that there is medical support available while you are at University. Below you can find more information about what medical support is available to you.  

Accessing Support

We strongly advise that all students are registered with a GP practice in the Loughborough area and if you require medical attention whilst away from University, you register elsewhere as a temporary patient for continuity of care. 

You can find a GP Practice near the University using the NHS Choices Service or

Sometimes if you have been or have witnessed someone go through an injury or sickness, it can be quite taxing on your mental health. Should this be the case and you would like some support from the Mental Wellbeing team, you can request support using the Online Referral Form.

Reasonable Adjustments and Mitigating Circumstances

An illness or an injury could impact your studies and assessments.

If you have an illness or an injury that is impacting your studies it is worth speaking to your Departmental Administrators in the first instance.

If they are appropriate, temporary adjustments can be put in place by your Wellbeing Adviser. If you would like to meet with your Wellbeing Adviser this can be arranged by completing the Mental Wellbeing Referral form.

If your assessments are affected by an injury or illness you might want to consider submitting a Mitigating Circumstances claim. You can find more information about this in the Student Handbook.

What to do next?

Minor Alignments

For minor ailments, the pharmacist will be able to give you advice and treatmentThere is a pharmacy on campus or you can find pharmacy services near you on NHS Choices.  

Contact your GP

If you are suffering from an injury or sickness that requires more medical attention than the pharmacy can offer you should contact your GP. 

Call NHS

Call NHS 111 if you require urgent medical advice regarding situations that are NON-life-threatening.

Visit Urgent Care

Visit Loughborough's Urgent Care Centre for medical services whilst your practice is closed and if it cannot wait until your GP surgery is open again.

The Urgent Care Centre is located on Hospital Way, Loughborough, LE11 5JY and is open 24/7. Tel: 01509 568800

Call Emergency Services

Call 999 if you have a medical emergency or life-threatening condition. 

What should I do if I am worried about somebody else?

If someone else has injured themselves or are ill, it may be a good idea to do one of the following:  

    • If the person is in serious risk, you should call emergency services on 999 
    • For minor injuries such as an eye infection, you can start off by going to the pharmacy, where they will be able to offer you treatment or advice. There is a pharmacy on campus or you can find others around Loughborough or London 
    • If it is a non-emergency but you would like to speak to someone and get advice on the injury or illness you can call NHS on 111  

External Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am an international student?

The NHS is the UK's state health service which provides treatment for UK residents. Some services are free and some have to be paid for. 

You will need to register with a GP as soon as you arrive in the UK; for most students, this will be the medical centre on campus. 

The following are free for everyone irrespective of their nationality: 
    • emergency treatment (but not follow up treatment); 
    • family planning services 
    • diagnosis and treatment of certain communicable diseases 
    • compulsory psychiatric treatment 

Last Updated: 24th May 2023