Hints and Tips for Living in Town

Moving from university managed accommodation to living in town can be a little overwhelming at first, for the transition to be as seamless and unproblematic as possible please have a look at the following hints and tips for living in town.

Keep the noise down on the way home

When coming back from a night out it is important to remember that not everyone living in Loughborough is a student and some students might have important deadlines to meet early the next morning.

You do not need to completely silent but avoid screaming, loud singing, blasting music on a phone or speaker. In the worst-case scenario, you could be filed with a noise complaint.

Recycling and Rubbish

When you move into your property make sure that the house has a green recycling and a black rubbish wheelie bin. The bins are collected once every other week meaning that one week rubbish will be collected and the next the recycling bin will be collected.

Make sure to:

    • Not overfill your bins
    • Not put items which can be recycled into the rubbish bin
    • Put your bins out on the right day
    • Wheel the bins back in after they have been collected

For more information about recycling and rubbish have a look at the Charnwood Borough Council website which has more detailed information such as what day is bin collection day and which bin will be collected that week. This information will also be the most up to date.

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Last Updated: 13th July 2022