Academic changes for Student visa holders

Changes to study affect many students each year, they can be the result of personal circumstances or academic choices. For students with Tier 4 / Student permission any study change may also have to comply with visa requirements, we have outlined below some common scenarios and what you might need to take into account.

The following information is a general guide to help identify relevant issues. It does not cover full details or every scenario, so it is advisable to seek specific advice on your personal situation BEFORE you take any action.  It also only covers visa implications; for other information and guidance on changes to your studies, please refer to your department, the student handbook and where relevant, other support from Student Services

Where changes require further visa permission a new CAS will need to be requested from the Academic Registry online. Depending on the type of change the CAS may have to be used in an application outside the UK, some scenarios allow the extra visa time to be obtained by applying in the UK.

On 5 October 2020 Tier 4 was replaced by the Student visa route. The following information equally applies to those with a Student visa or a Tier 4 visa that was obtained prior to 5 October, references to Student visa includes those with Tier 4 permission.

Covid-19: Visa Implications

This guide does not cover the special arrangements that UKVI is temporarily allowing due to Covid-19 which may also need to be considered. You can find further information about how Covid-19 has impacted visas by having a look at the webpage linked below.

Further Information

Please review the relevant webpages here, for further help contact the Student Advice and Support Service.

Last Updated: 24th November 2022