Student Records & Operations (SRO)

Student Records & Operations (SRO) is part of the Academic Registry and supports core student administration processes from registration, immigration compliance, fees and funding, examinations and assessments, through to graduation and degree verification. The team is also responsible for maintaining the student record and student statutory returns.

Historically known as Student Office, Student Enquiries, the Exams Team, the Graduation Office and more, what we now call - for a consistent identity - 'Student Records & Operations' is easily contactable, but we would strongly recommend you read and understand the options below.

Find answers to most questions in the Student Handbook

You can find guidance on most processes operated by Student Records & Operations in the Student Handbook and we strongly encourage you to visit the handbook first to get quick answers to most of your questions.

Student Handbook

Options for contacting SRO

If you have a complex query that can’t be answered with the FAQs or you need to talk to someone for further reassurance, or because your query needs interactions with staff, then we have a number of ways for you to get in touch.

If your query requires an immediate answer, and you cannot find the information you need on our webpages, then you should call us.

Our contact hours are 9am - 4pm.

Our team will do what they can to answer your query, however please be aware that during peak periods the lines can become very busy, and you may not be able to get through immediately.

Please make sure that you have checked our webpages before making the call – if the information you need is there, then this is still, by far, the quickest way to access it.

Student Records & Operations phone contact

Contact hours: 9am - 4pm

We understand that in some cases it might be necessary to for you to see us in person. Examples of this might be when you need to give the University sight of a particular piece of documentation, such as your visa, or collect something from us. For this reason, we have a limited number of appointment slots available each day at our public counter that can be booked via the below page.

It is not possible to visit our public counter without an appointment. Likewise, you should not book an appointment unless it is absolutely necessary for you to see us in person. Please make sure that you have checked our webpages before booking an appointment – this is by far the quickest way to access information for most common queries. 

Appointments are typically available between: 10:00 - 12:30, and  13:30 - 16:00.

If your query is not urgent, and you cannot find the information that you need on our webpages, then the best way of raising it with us is by email.

As with the telephone lines, during peak periods, our mailboxes can become very busy (we often receive 200-300 messages each day!). Although we try to reply as soon as we can, typically, our response times range from 10-15 working days.

Therefore, please make sure that you have checked our webpages before sending your message – if the information you need is there, then this will allow you to get what you need instantly. Please help us to reduce the number of emails that we receive each day. If we receive fewer emails, then we will be able to shorten our response times.

If you do email us:

  • please ensure you include your full name and Student Registration Number, and
  • you will receive an immediate auto-response, pointing you to a range of online resources. If we feel that your query can be answered by accessing those resources, then we may not send you a further response.


For queries relating to graduation, including ceremonies, certificates and transcripts.



For queries during and about examinations.

For current students, not applicants.


Student Records & Operations

For all other queries.