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Pie Charts in Depth

This workshop takes a close look at the delightful topic of pie charts. Teaching this topic gives us the opportunity to strengthen our students' proportional reasoning as well as their statistical literacy. Its importance and complexity are often overlooked.

In this workshop, which is suitable for both primary and secondary teachers, we will examine the topic in detail. We will look closely at the place of pie charts on the curriculum. We will learn how pie charts are assessed and where the common misconceptions lie. We will discuss pedagogical implications and task design. As busy teachers we rarely take the time to think about a topic in real depth before we teach it - but doing so can have a huge impact on our students. This workshop isn't about the big ideas in maths education - quite the opposite. It's about the detail.

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About Jo Morgan

Jo Morgan is a maths teacher and Assistant Principal at Harris Academy Sutton.

She writes the website where she shares teaching ideas and resources for secondary mathematics. Jo is the author of the book 'A Compendium of Mathematical Methods'. She is also a regular guest on Mr Barton's podcast, a Trustee of The Mathematical Association, and an enthusiastic collector of old maths textbooks.

Age: Primary, Secondary