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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check what I've sent to the print queue?

You can check the documents in your queue by visiting SafeCom  

When you visit this page, there will be a button called Documents, click this button and you will find a list of Pending Print Jobs.

You will also have the option to cancel any jobs you no longer want.

How can I delete documents I no longer need to print?

To do this, you will need to visit SafeCom

In SafeCom, click Documents > select the document you wish to delete > click Delete

I don't need to "Print All", how do I select which documents to print?

If you do not need to print the other documents, please delete them from the queue. To do this:

Visit SafeCom - In SafeCom, click Documents > select the document you wish to delete > click Delete.

If you want to keep the other documents in the queue but do not want to print them yet:

When you are at the printer, before clicking Print All, select the documents you wish to print > click Print - located in the bottom left (NOT Print All), this will make sure only the documents required will be printed. You can also delete any documents you no longer need by selecting them and clicking Delete


How do I scan?

All campus printers have the function to scan:

To do this:

Tap your card in login > place the paper on the scanner bed > click Email > check the email address > click Send

The scanner will begin and will send the scanned document to your email address.