Recruiting staff and students to work with children

The Government has issued clear guidance on the recruitment of staff who will be required to work with children as a significant part of their duties (e.g. Social Workers, Care Assistants etc). Whilst the University is not obliged to follow this guidance, it is advisable that the following guidance is complied with:

  • Make it clear on the advert or job description and person specification that because the role requires interaction with children, a disclosure check will be obtained. Human Resources have standard statements for such instances.
  • Ensure that every gap in employment or education history is discussed with any shortlisted candidate.
  • Request sight of certificates obtained. This helps to confirm the identity of the candidate.
  • Ensure that proof of identification is obtained to confirm the identity of the candidate. A passport or other photo documentation should be requested.
  • Conduct a face to face interview with the candidate. A telephone interview is not appropriate.
  • Ensure that original references are obtained from current and previous employers (especially where the candidate has been required to work with children in the role). Do not appoint a candidate unless they have provided details of employment/education referees rather than personal ones.
  • Do not offer a candidate the position subject to references. Always obtain these first.
  • If necessary conduct a DBS check
  • Ensure the induction that the candidate receives draws their attention to the University’s child protection policy and clearly sets standards of behaviour and conduct deemed appropriate when working with children.
  • Conduct regular review meetings during the probation period (and beyond) to ensure that the member of staff is coping with the work and is behaving appropriately. For students the personal tutor or project supervisor should conduct regular review meetings