People and Organisational Development

New staff

Probation Period

In addition to your induction programme your role will also have a probationary period. The probationary period serves a two-fold purpose. It allows the probationer to find their feet in a new job within the context of a supportive framework whilst allowing the University, as the employer, to be assured that the new member of staff is "up to the job". In the majority of cases, the probationary period is completed entirely satisfactorily and the appointment is confirmed.

Probation periods differ for academic and non academic members of staff, the duration of your probation will be specified in your conditions of service.

Mandatory Courses for New Starters

All new members of staff are required to undertake mandatory training as part of their probation. More information on this training and how to access it can be found below.

In addition to these mandatory courses you may also be required to complete role/school/professional service specific training as part of your probation. You line manager will discuss all training expectations with you as part of your induction.

Performance and Development Review (PDR)

Following your successful probation, you will have annual Performance and Development Reviews (PDRs). Guidance about this process can be found on the PDR website. PDRs give you and your manager (or other experienced colleague, in larger schools and professional services) an opportunity to discuss, on a one to one basis, how you are progressing. It enables you to take a holistic view of your work content, loads and volumes, to look back on what you have achieved during the past year and agree realistic objectives and development plans for the forthcoming year. The intention is to give you an opportunity to build on your strengths, identify potential areas for improvement and enable you to perform at your best while working at Loughborough, whatever your role .

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) User

It is important that members of staff who use a computer for their role complete an online self-assessment to help avoid or reduce health problems arising from computer use.

Each school and professional service have at least one DSE assessor who will contact you with more information on this online training and self-assessment.

Welcome to Loughborough

As a new member of staff you will be formally welcomed to the University on our "Welcome to Loughborough" event. You will be automatically assigned a date to attend the event where you will learn about the vision of Loughborough University and the way we work here. You can also use the link provided to access this resource should you need it for probationary purposes