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Relocation Expenses

Relocation Conditions

  1. The scheme applies to all members of staff taking up a first (including probationary) appointment of a least two years' duration. (However, an individual may be eligible if their initial appointment was for less than two years' duration and the appointment has subsequently been extended).
  2. Refunds will be made normally only in respect of a first appointment to the staff of the University  and not in respect of a subsequent promotion.
  3. Removal must take place within 2 years from the date of appointment.  Please note that claims for reimbursement of expenses will only be considered for exemption from income tax and national insurance deductions, by the Inland Revenue, if they are submitted before the end of the tax year following the tax year in which the appointment commenced.
  4. No claim will be considered until the appointment has commenced.
  5. Two different tenders must be produced in support of each claim for removal costs, the amount of reimbursement being related normally to the lower tender.
  6. The cost of removal of furniture and effects may include insurance, but not expenses associated with the removal, such as passenger fares, overnight lodging or storage costs. The cost of removal as defined above will be refunded in full.
  7. No member of staff may make more than one claim for removal expenses.
  8. Additionally, a resettlement grant will be made towards to cost of legal and other professional charges associated with the purchase, sale or renting of accommodation, up to a sum not exceeding the equivalent of one month’s gross salary as at the date the appointment is taken up.
  9. Receipted invoices must be produced with all claims for removal costs and resettlement grants.
  10. The whole of the refund shall be repaid in the event of voluntary resignation within a period of 2 years from the date of appointment.
  11. Although reimbursement of expenses is usually exempt from income tax and national insurance deductions, your personal circumstances may limit this exemption.

Removal from overseas

In addition to the above conditions the following also apply:

  1. The University will make a contribution towards the costs of shipping your furniture and effects. Unless these costs are excessive, this contribution will meet the costs in full. Please contact Human Resources Please contact Human Resources on (01509) 228029 when you have an estimate of these costs.
  2. If you wish, the following items may be offset against the resettlement grant that is payable (see condition number 8 above):
  • the cost of one way airfares for yourself and any direct family relocating with you
  • reasonable costs of bed and breakfast accommodation (excl evening meal) for a period of up to 2 weeks upon arrival in this country.

Professional/Office Moves

Please note Human Resources is unable to make provision for professional/office moves from its central fund and if appropriate, the situation should be discussed with the relevant Head of Department.

Please note that if a department is able to make a contribution towards this expense, payment should be made directly to the supplier (by invoice/cheque) rather than by reimbursement to the individual.  In this situation, the University should be paying for a service and therefore be seen to be doing so.  The Inland Revenue guidelines regarding income tax exemption do not make provision for this type of move and therefore payments to individuals should be subject to tax and NI deductions.  Please contact Human Resources if you have any further query on this matter.