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Generous annual leave packages

Everyone needs time off; to spend time with their family and friends, recoup, rest and basically spend time doing things that aren’t related to work!

Employees of Loughborough University enjoy a healthy annual leave entitlement.

How many days are you entitled to?

  • Employees on grade 6 and above are entitled to 30 days leave per year.
  • Employees on grades 1-5 receive 20 days per year. This rises to 25 day per year on completion of five years’ service and to 27 days per year on completion of 25 years’ service.

Extra time off for everyone!

All employees at Loughborough receive an additional 14 days leave through University closure days and bank holidays. Closure days fall on days when the University is not open (other than some sports facilities) and are granted in addition to your annual leave entitlement, Dates for closure days and bank holidays vary every year. As guidance though, below is a list of when the days are normally used:

Between Christmas and New Year: Four closure days and three bank holidays

  • Easter: Two bank holidays and one closure day (Friday, Monday, Tuesday)
  • May Bank Holiday: One bank holiday (Monday)
  • Spring Bank: One bank holiday (Monday)
  • Late Summer bank holiday: One bank holiday and one closure day (Monday and Tuesday)

Equal time off for part-time employees

Part-time employees are entitled to the same amount of annual leave as full-time employees, on a pro rata basis to the hours that they work. 

As part-time workers do not always work the same number of hours each day, their entitlement will be calculated in hours.

You will also receive a pro rata entitlement to bank holidays and closure days.

Further information on annual leave

To view our official policy, find out more about part-time and term-time workers, job sharers, and to download the Holiday Calculator visit the annual leave policy web pages.