Loughborough Doctoral College

4. Registration and tuition fees

Information regarding the need and timing of registration, and tuition fee payment.

(Regulation XXVI paragraphs 3,4)

The structure and duration of research degree programmes is set out in paragraph 3 of Regulation 26.

Students shall normally register on the annual registration date in their offer letter but where this is not practical must register within a 14-day period either side of this date. They will initially be registered on Part R1 of their programme or Part R0 where this exists as part of a specialist four-year programme or the EngD.

Students must re-register annually, by the anniversary of their initial registration date. Students will be permitted to re-register whilst they are revising a progress report to fulfil the requirements of their Research Student Progression Board in accordance with paragraph 6.4 of Regulation XXVI. The annual registration date may be adjusted in light of any approved period of leave of absence which has extended the period of study.

Students re- registering late will be charged a late registration fee at a level set by Council. If a student does not re-register within one month of the anniversary of their initial registration, and an adequate explanation has not been provided to the Doctoral College Office, they will be considered to have abandoned their studies and their registration at the University will normally be terminated.

Tuition fees will be charged annually for the student's period of study and are payable on registration and re-registration. Students will receive a written notice of the need to re-register annually from the Doctoral College Office and any outstanding debt will be drawn to their attention. Re-registration will not be permitted if tuition fee debts are outstanding and registration may be terminated. Further details will be found in paragraphs 16-22 of Regulation XVI.

Where a student is required to undertake further work for a period of 3 months (or 6 months for part-time students) to enable them to complete the requirements to progress, students will be permitted to re-register and tuition fees will initially be charged for the whole subsequent year. In the event that the student is not permitted to progress and studies are terminated, tuition fees will be refunded in relation to the remaining period of registration on a pro rata basis.