Loughborough Doctoral College

1. Admissions

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Admission to a Loughborough research degree.

(See Regulation XXVI paragraph 2.)

Doctoral researchers will be admitted in accordance with the University’s Admissions policy which requires applicants to be interviewed before a research degree offer is made.

Shortlisted applicants selected for interview should normally be interviewed in person by two members of academic staff. Where it is not possible for an applicant to be interviewed in person, a skype or telephone interview is an acceptable alternative. Interviewers should satisfy themselves that applicants have appropriate personal qualities to be successful in research study as well as relevant subject knowledge.

Doctoral researchers will be informed of their expected Supervisor(s) when a formal offer of admission is made. However, it is recognised that circumstances may result in changes to the Supervisor(s) being made prior to, or during, the period of study although these should be kept to a minimum.