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12. PhD submissions by practice - staff candidates

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Guidance for staff candidates submitting a PhD based on their practice

12.1 Guidelines

  1. The general principles for any submission for a higher degree should apply, namely that the work should represent an original contribution to knowledge, should provide evidence of training in and the application of research methods appropriate to the field of study and should not have been presented for a higher award at another institution. In addition, the candidate should be able to demonstrate that she/he is well acquainted with the general field of knowledge to which the subject relates.
  2. Practical output must demonstrably embody original research. Submissions by this route must show that they are subject to interrogation and critical review and demonstrate impact on or influence the work of peers, policy and the development of practice.
  3. The research outcomes must form a coherent whole and relate to a common theme. The submission should be equivalent to one by research thesis.
  4. A submission may take one of the following forms:
    1. A minimum of eight presentations within the public domain would normally be expected for a PhD submission. For the purpose of these guidelines, by definition ‘presentations’ should include a full and comprehensive record of each outcome, contextual material, including published texts and, where necessary and appropriate additional explanatory material. An introductory chapter should accompany the sum of presentations. This chapter should be up to 6,000 words in length and should explain the common theme of the presentations; explain the methodology; explain the way in which the presentations embody original research; place the outcomes in a theoretical context provided by the wider literature and field; suggest what further work needs to be done and indicate the candidate's contribution to collaborative projects.
    2. A single outcome exhibited or otherwise presented within the public domain equivalent to a research monograph. An introductory text as outlined above, should accompany the outcome.
    3. A permanent record of the presentation(s) in an appropriate binding shall be submitted to the Doctoral College Office (Registry) and, following successful examination, shall be deposited in the University Library.