Loughborough Doctoral College

16. Transfer between universities

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The procedures for a PhD candidate transferring between Loughborough and other universities.

16.1 Transfer of doctoral researchers between Universities

The transfer of doctoral researchers between Universities is normally associated with the appointment of their Primary Supervisor to another post.

There may, however, be other circumstances which make a transfer desirable or necessary. In any case the circumstances surrounding any transfers should be made clear at the outset.

There are no nationally agreed protocols for the transfer of doctoral researchers. Each University may therefore have procedures which cannot be covered in this document. 

16.2 Transfers from Loughborough University

Where a member of staff responsible for the supervision of research students is appointed to another University the research students' position must be addressed at the earliest opportunity. The Doctoral College Office should be notified at the outset of any discussions.

It will be the responsibility of the Director of Doctoral Programmes of the School, in consultation with the departing Supervisor, to discuss with the doctoral researchers as to their wish either to remain at Loughborough University, potentially with the second supervisor becoming primary supervisor and a new Secondary supervisor being appointed or to transfer.

It will be the departing Supervisor's responsibility to liaise with the receiving University as to their terms and for agreeing a transfer. Any supporting documentation will be supplied by the Doctoral College Office on request. The receiving University will be asked to supply written confirmation that the doctoral researchers has been accepted.

It will be the departing Supervisor's responsibility to liaise any external body which is sponsoring the doctoral researcher's research regarding transferring registration and funding to another institution. Particular attention should be paid to any additional fee charges which might be incurred. All agreements with sponsoring bodies should be obtained in writing.

Where a doctoral researchers is being funded from University funds such funding will not transfer with the doctoral researcher. Where a doctoral researcher is being funded from a research contract the advice of the Finance Office on the contractual arrangements should be sought at an early stage.

International doctoral researchers with student visas will need to apply for permission to study at the new institution and must not transfer until the appropriate arrangements have been set in train. They should seek advice from the Student Advice Centre and keep the Doctoral College Office informed.

The transfer of any doctoral researchers will be subject to the agreement of the Dean of School. Where a doctoral researchers is unwilling or unable to transfer to another institution, the School should make every possible attempt to appoint a replacement Supervisor within or outside the School. The particular funding arrangements will require individual negotiation.

If a doctoral researcher wishes to initiate a transfer for an acceptable reason other than accompanying their Supervisor, then every effort should be made by the School in conjunction with the Doctoral College Office to assist them in accomplishing the above procedures. In case of difficulties doctoral researchers should be referred to the Doctoral College Office.

16.3 Transfers to Loughborough University

All transfers to the University involving credit for research commenced elsewhere will be subject to the approval of the Director of Doctoral programmes in the appropriate School. It will be expected that research training has been accomplished otherwise this will be required.

Candidates must be in a position to register for a minimum of 12 months and pay fees in order to be eligible to register for a degree. A secondary supervisor and Independent Reviewer should be identified as part of the consideration of the transfer.

The Doctoral College Office should be alerted at an early stage of any potential transfer.

The following documentation must be provided by the incoming Supervisor or by the student if they are not transferring with a Supervisor:

  • A completed research application form.
  • The written agreement of the sponsoring body to a transfer.
  • A statement from the host University that progress has been satisfactory, confirmation of the periods of registration, confirmation of the degree registered for and that all fees have been paid.
  • If a doctoral researcher is transferring for reasons other than joining a Supervisor, the circumstances should be made clear.

An application form must be submitted to the School and subject to their agreement, the case will be made to the Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Doctoral College) via the Doctoral College Office. Once the case for credit transfer has been approved a formal offer will be issued.