LTA Academy/squash facility

A planning application has been submitted by the university to enhance the provision of facilities for racquet sports on campus.

The proposal includes:

  • 2 additional indoor tennis courts
  • 4 glass back squash courts – with a small spectator seating area
  • Conference/seminar room
  • Performance analysis suite
  • Storage room
  • IT room
  • Plant room
  • Physiotherapy room

The need for the facility has arisen due to the current squash court facilities not meeting required performance standards and the successful bid to host the LTA national academy, which commences in September 2019.

The LTA academy will be one of only two such centres in the UK.  It will look to host the best-talented tennis players in the country from the ages of 14-18, with the number of players increasing from 8 – 16 in the first 3 years.

The new facilities will be located alongside the existing tennis centre and near the badminton centre, thereby creating a dedicated environment for racquet sports on the east end of campus.

Please see drawings for further information:

 Plans for the LTA Academy

Drawing one

Drawing one shows the site layout in the context of the existing tennis centre and nearby roads.

Drawing of plans for the LTA Academy

Drawing two

Drawing of plans for LTA Academy

Drawing three

Drawings two and three show the building elevations from different directions.  Note the numbers shown on drawing one refer to the elevations of the same number on drawings two and three.

Residents will have the opportunity to formally comment on the proposals as part of the planning process. 

Details of the planning application will be available on the Charnwood Borough Council website

Note: There may be a delay between the application being submitted and the documentation appearing on the website.