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Parking in Loughborough is difficult. The houses that are the most popular homes for students were not designed with the car in mind, and even those that do have space can usually only accommodate one or two.

In order to try to share out the scant resources, there are a number or restrictions in force and there are some special schemes.

The local Authority has banned parking on all roads immediately adjacent to the University (the residential areas off Ashby Road towards the M1 motorway and in the vicinity of the Spinney Hill entrance to the campus).  You will only able to park there if you are a resident in one of those houses or visiting a resident.

You are urged to consider whether you really need to have a vehicle with you whilst studying in Loughborough.  You are strongly advised not to bring a car unless you have established that you have access to a parking space.  If you have a vehicle please always consider your neighbours, fellow motorists and pedestrians - always park according to the Highway Code. Senior officers of the University do not condone indiscriminate parking.

Residents Preferential Parking Schemes

Leicester County Council currently operates 6 Residents Preferential Parking schemes in the Loughborough town centre area.
Residents Preferential Parking Schemes are designed to help residents park close to their homes and make it more difficult for non-residents to park. These schemes do not reserve places exclusively for each permit holder, but permit holders can park in any of the streets within their designated zone.

More information can be obtained from the Leicestershire County Council website.

  • Frederick St Area Frederick Street, Arthur Street, Curzon Street, Heathcoat Street, Caldwell Street, William Street, Burfield Avenue, Broad Street, Burleigh Road, York Road, Granville Street, Chestnut Street, Radmoor Road, Chester Close, Grove Road, Westfield Drive and Ashby Road (Frederick Street to Radmoor Road).
  • Victoria St Area Victoria Street, Albert Street, Albert Place, Princess Street, Park Street, Bampton Street, Gray Street, Beacon Road (between Park Road and Epinal Way and inclusive of Beacon Road cul de sac), Colgrove Road, Forest Road (south side only between Park Road and Epinal Way, up to 146 Forest Road), Mayfield Drive, Royland Road, Garton Road, Charnwood Road, Herrick Road, Burton Street, Stanley Street and Wallace Road. Occupants of Lanesborough Court and the relevant section of Park Road are also entitled to register for the scheme.
  • Lisle St Lisle Street, Grange Street, Edward Street and designated properties on Derby Road.
  • Storer Rd Cumberland Road, Fearon Street, George Street, Rosebery Street, Storer Road, Station Street, Paget Street, Leopold Street, Oxford Street, Hastings Street, Havelock Street, Pleasant Close, Speed Pingle, Armitage Close, Ashby Road ( North side only, Storer Road to Rosebery Walk).
  • Shakespeare St Shakespeare Street only. Permits for the Zone 6 Shakespeare Street area can also be used within the Limehurst Avenue Zone 6 area.
  • Limehurst Ave Alfred Street, Cambridge Street, Charles Street, Gladstone Street, Herbert Street, Howard Street, Limehurst Avenue, Linden Road, Lower Cambridge Street, (from Toothill Road to Hanford Way), Meadow Lane, Rectory Road, Rendell Street, Toothill Road and The Tatmarsh. Residents of the following streets may also apply for permits: Bridge Street, Gladstone Avenue (Private Street), Lower Gladstone Street (Private Street) and Steeple Court.
  • Kingfisher Estate Adam Dale, Forest Road, Goldfinch Close, Kingfisher Way (excluding Kingfisher Hall), Moorhen Way, Robin Mews, Wren Close 

Note that the University and the Community Warden Service have no "special powers" in respect of parking schemes. For further information, complaints, appeals, comments contact the County Council at addresses and/or phone numbers that can be found via their webpage.