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Community Wardens

Good neighbour conduct

When you rent accommodation off-campus, you will be living amongst the permanent residents of the area.

  1. Get to know your neighbours and be considerate of them - they may be elderly, have young children or have to get up early each day.
  2. Keep music down to a reasonable level, especially late at night - if you plan to have a party, warn the neighbours beforehand and make every effort to keep noise down to reasonable levels.
  3. Avoid offensive behaviour - including shouting or drinking in the streets, urinating in gardens (including your own) and tasteless notes or posters in front windows. Remember that being drunk is no excuse under the University's disciplinary codes or in the local courts.
  4. Respect others' property - particularly fences, walls, street furniture and parked cars - minor attempts at demolition count as criminal damage and are treated as such.
  5. Consider others when parking - elderly neighbours or those with babies or toddlers need to park outside their houses.
  6. Play your part in protecting the quality of the neighbourhood - keep your garden and surrounding areas tidy and free of rubbish. This is in your interests because run-down areas attract criminal activity and students are the main victims.

Bear in mind that the reputation of Loughborough students and the University is in your hands and that University disciplinary codes apply to students off-campus and that in serious or persistent cases of anti-social behaviour, the University will suspend or expel students.

Please note that as well as statutory procedures to terminate the tenancy for breach of contract due to the above; in serious cases SAS can ask for the University to intervene. The University can, in extreme cases, refuse to register students at the beginning of the year or award them their degree at the end of their final year.

Help Us Limit the Damage

If you observe or suffer from disruptive or criminal behaviour, ring your local police (101) or University Security Office (01509 222141), even if it is after the event - it is vital information in eradicating the problems.

You can find out more about being a good neighbour on the Community Information website.