Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

21 APRIL 1926 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2022

On hearing the announcement of the death of our beloved Queen it is with heartfelt sadness that on behalf of myself and the University Chaplaincy Team I send condolences to our community here in Loughborough and London. 

We join with the nation in grief and thank God for her life. Queen Elizabeth was a strong, principled lady whose loyalty and love shown across the world is testament to the life she led. During her long reign Queen Elizabeth has been a calm and wise voice. Our nation, the Commonwealth and the world have been greatly blessed by her life and work.

Queen Elizabeth has lived her life grounded in her deep faith in Jesus Christ, she has been an inspiration to people of faith and those of no faith through her reign and for this we give thanks to God for her witness. Her dedication, commitment and sense of duty to her people will never be forgotten and will, I am sure, help to sustain those who mourn in the coming weeks.

Our prayers are for her family who have lost a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and we pray that they will be comforted by the love they shared. Our thoughts and prayers are also offered for His Majesty the King in his new role. God save the King.

Your Chaplaincy team are here to give support as we begin this period of mourning.


'A shining light has gone out in our world'