School of Science

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

Athena SWAN (Scientific Women’s Academic Network) is a charter managed by AdvanceHE to support UK universities, schools and departments in their work to improve gender equality and inclusivity in UK higher education.  The School of Science at Loughborough is proud to have received a Bronze Award in November 2019 in recognition of our ongoing work in this area.  The School Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team oversees the work we have committed to over the next three years in our Action Plan.  You can read more about diversity in the School and our ongoing work in our application, available to download below.

The School of Science Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team


School Role

Dr Eugenie Hunsicker

Director for E&D, SL in Mathematics

Dr Brian Cousins

Senior Lecturer (SL) in Chemistry

Dr Syeda Fatima

Lecturer in CO

Dr Claudia Garetto

SL in Mathematics

Prof Claudia Eberlein

Dean, School of Science. Professor of Physics

Prof Sergey Saveliev

ADR, School of Science.

Professor of Physics

Prof Eran Edirisinghe

ADE, School of Science.

Professor of Computer Science

Prof Sara Lombardo

ADT, School of Science. Professor of Mathematics


Norma King

Operations Manager, School of Science

Dr Iain Phillips

Director of Academic Staffing, SL in Computer Science

Dr Steven Christie

SL and HoD, Chemistry

Dr Lara Alcock

Reader and HoD, MEC


Dr Nicola Jennings

Foundation Programme Leader. University Teacher in Chemistry

Dr Daniel Reidenbach

SL and HoD, Computer Science


Prof Alexander Veselov

Professor and HOD, Mathematical Sciences

Dr Alexander Zagoskin

Reader and HOD, Physics

Dr Fasil Kidane Dejene

Lecturer in Physics, E&D committee member

Glyn Spencer

Technical Tutor in Physics, E&D committee member

Meredith Coney

Learning and Teaching Manager for the School of Science

Theresa Wege

PGTA for statistics support & part-time PhD student in MEC

Yasmin Phillips

Executive Support Administrator