Turkish Tennis Federation partners with Loughborough University in extending international scale-out of tennis parent programme

The Turkish Tennis Federation (TTF) have joined forces with Loughborough University, The International Tennis Federation (ITF - the world governing body for tennis), and the LTA (the national governing body for tennis in Great Britain) to deliver a national programme of parent education and support for parents of young tennis hopefuls in their nation.

From the success of the LTA’s nationwide parent education programme developed through Professor Chris Harwood’s research in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, and the formation of an international strategy with the ITF, the TTF have joined an extended Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) focused on advancing this area of competitive youth tennis. 

The TTF will benefit from the training given by Professor Harwood to a network of tennis tutors who will implement the programme, translated into Turkish, with online and face-to-face seminars, and resources for junior parents through the Autumn and Winter. 

“It is great to see the TTF engage in this strategy and extend the research impact resulting from our existing partnership with the LTA and ITF,” explained Professor Harwood.  

“As sport scientists and organisations, it is vital that we share and translate our knowledge from research, in this case with parents who are well placed in optimally supporting their children towards a lifelong interest in tennis.” 

Cengiz Durmuş, President of the Turkish Tennis Federation, added:  

“Parents are one of our key stakeholders who actively invest in the happiness and development of young people.  

“Our Federation's important duty is to share the benefits, difficulties, and developments in tennis with our parents, and show that we are on the same path as them on this journey. With this responsibility we are delighted to be able to implement this programme with the support of world-renowned Loughborough University, Professor Harwood, the ITF and LTA.” 

Professor Harwood’s research underpins initiatives by the LTA and ITF which are helping parents around the world to enjoy their children’s sport participation – and play an active and positive part in encouraging it. View the research impact online.