Show your support for Loughborough quiz team at BBC Radio 4 recording

Artie Prendergast-Smith will go head-to-head with a maths student in the BBC Radio 'The 3rd Degree' quiz.

Support the Loughborough staff and students taking part in the BBC Radio 4 “The 3rd Degree” quiz by attending the campus recording on Thursday 16 May.

“The 3rd Degree” is a show that pits three undergraduate students against three members of staff, including the Department of Mathematical Sciences own Dr Artie Prendergast-Smith, in a general knowledge and specialist subject quiz.

Each of the three students are studying one of the three subjects taught by the three members of the staff team, with rounds including team and individual questions, and quickfire bell-and-buzzer rounds.

The show will be recorded at the Loughborough campus on Thursday 16 May at 6pm in James France. To book your free place in the audience follow this link.