Annual Conference of PGR students

The Department of Mathematical Sciences hosted the 16th Annual Conference of Mathematics Research Students on Tuesday 25 May.

The event is open to all mathematics postgraduate research students who can present on their research. The presentations are judged and each year the Sir David Wallace Prize is given to the best judged talk.

The 2021 Sir David Wallace Prize, a prize to the value of £250 awarded annually, went to Tiago Duarte Guerreiro (principal supervisor: Hamid Ahmadinezhad) for his talk entitled 'A peek at the birational classification of algebraic varieties'.

The judging panel consisted of Ricardo Barros, Jenya Ferpontov, Marco Mazza, Juliet Ojiako (previous winner) and research students attending the conference. 

Organiser and postgraduate research coordinator for the department Jenya Ferpontov said: "We had six high quality talks and I would like to thank the speakers for their efforts".

The speakers at the event were:

Ben Gormley: On a class of integrable Hamiltonian equations in 2+1 dimensions

Curtis Hooper: Undular bores generated by fracture

Costas Loizou: On second order hyperbolic equations with singular coefficients

Casper Oelen: Automorphic Lie algebras on complex tori

Jan Cammann: Boundary-interior principle for microbial navigation in complex geometries

Tiago Duarte Guerreiro: A peek at the birational classification of algebraic varieties