"Mathematics: Enabling Innovation in Sport" - Public lecture and panel discussion

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Public lecture

Dr Peter Husemeyer, Co-Founder and CTO of Sportable
Sportable Technologies Ltd is a UK-based sports data company. They recently launched the world’s first commercially available ‘smart’ rugby ball in partnership with Gilbert. Sportable is an innovative, forward thinking tech start-up that is revolutionising how we view, understand and interact with live sport. With rugby as a primary focus, they are working with a number of top teams and manufacturers, creating and developing state-of-the-art hardware and wearable devices that enable sport-specific data to be collated in real time to deliver an enhanced spectator experience, and elevated fan engagement. Peter holds bachelor and master’s degrees from the University of Cape Town and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Prior to founding Sportable, Peter worked at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, investigating the feasibility of an advanced rocket engine concept. In 2016, Peter co-founded Sportable, and as its Chief Technology Officer leads on product development and innovation-related activities.

Panel discussion


Professor Mike Caine
Professor of Sports Technology and Innovation and Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor for Sport. Professor Caine has collaborated with many of the world’s leading sporting goods brands, developing and commercialising new products.


Dr Varuna De Silva
Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence, specifically multi-agent reinforcement learning, multimodal computer vision, and simulation models in Sport, and other application domains.

Dr Lauren Burch
Senior Lecturer in Sport Business with research interests in digital and social media communication and marketing within the Sports industry.

Professor Nick Jennings
Vice-Chancellor and President of Loughborough University. Professor Jennings is an internationally-recognised authority in the areas of AI, autonomous systems, cyber-security and agent-based computing.

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