Tom Whittaker

PhD, MEng

  • Research Associate


Thomas graduated from Loughborough University in 2016 with a First-Class MEng degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. He remained at Loughborough to pursue a PhD research opportunity into 3D printed passive microwave components and circuits and their equivalent circuits under the supervision of Prof. Yiannis Vardaxoglou and Prof. Will Whittow 

Thomas is now working as part of the ANISAT project with Prof. Will Whittow, Dr. Alexandros Feresidis, Prof. Mike Lancaster and Dr. Stephen Hanham in the development and measurement of anisotropic metasurfaces and metamaterials for satellite comunications. 


  • PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Microwave Engineering) | Jan. 2017 - Jan. 2020.  Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical & Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University, United Kingdom 
  • MEng degree (with Diploma in industrial studies) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering |Oct 2011Jun 2016. Department of Electronic, Electrical & Systems Engineering, Loughborough University, United Kingdom 


Main research interests

  • Additive manufacturing 
  • Metamaterials/metasurfaces 
  • Anisotropic materials 
  • Dielectric property characterisation 
  • Equivalent circuit modelling 
  • Lumped element components 
  • Distributed element circuits 

Thomas’s current research is with the ANISAT Grant which is concerned with the characterisation and exploitation of anisotropic materials/metamaterials for the use in space and satellite wireless communications in the microwave region. 

Grants and contracts

  • 2017 - 2020: SYMETA Grand challenge - proposal to SYnthesize 3D METAmaterials for RF, microwave and THz applications. 
  • 2020 - Present: ANISAT– Development of Anisotropic Microwave/Terahertz Metamaterials for Satellite Applications.