Dr Sarogini Pease


  • Lecturer in Intelligent Networks

Research groups and centres

My research expertise is in the application of intelligent, scalable technical measures to support real-time compliance with existing regulations and to manage imminent policy changes. I’m particularly interested in supporting developers using AI and metaverse technologies in the consumer facing and creative industries in relation to intellectual property development, data ownership and sharing and algorithmic processing and decision making.

I’m driven by an interest in supporting users and learners to interrogate legal compliance issues, empowering them to deconstruct the critical issues and be prepared for regulatory change, supported by networked AI, interoperable semantic services, cooperative AI and decision support systems.

I hold a PhD degree, funded under CASE award from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and B.A.E. Systems. My expertise also draws from an exciting career pathway in Computer Science and Communications and I hold an LL.B.(Hons.) degree in Law from the University of Essex.

My research has covered performance improvement of ad hoc, sensor and Internet of Things wireless networks for harsh and low infrastructure environments, indoor and industrial asset tracking and process energy monitoring, energy waste modelling, prediction, and optimisation in machining and intelligent decision support for WEEE remanufacturers; semantic service architectures and domain ontologies for interoperability and decision support; embedded system design, network monitoring and feature extraction and network simulation.

Current teaching responsibilities

  • WSP237 - Engineering Management and Business Studies 
  • WSB301 – Software Engineering 
  • WSP074 - Machine Learning - Principles and Applications for Engineers 
  • BEng/MEng/MSc individual projects 

Current administrative responsibilities

  • Member of Loughborough University Arts & Cultural Engagement Committee
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology Industrial Ontology Foundry  
  • Ontocommons Experts Group 
  • Interop V-Lab  
  • S2S Electronics Ltd 
  • INCUS Performance 
  • Independent reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Elsevier Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments