Dr Raj Shankar Priya


Pronouns: He/him
  • Teaching Fellow in Engineering Management


Before joining academia, Raj was a Senior Scientist and Head of Technology Management at the world’s top innovation institute for applied research ‘Fraunhofer Society’ in Germany. Raj was also involved in the development of the first German Pico-Satellite in 2005 as a Sub-Systems manager for IT and tele-communications at the University of Wuerzburg. He has won several awards in Science and Technology including the Fraunhofer excellence awards for 3 consecutive years from 2009. He was also awarded the most commendable award of ‘The Best Foreign Student of the year 2003’ by the German Academic Council. Raj has been an active member of several delegations to European Commission, German Embassy in India and held several Keynote speeches, across the globe. Raj pursued his Engineering Doctorate with a full industrial scholarship at the University of Warwick. In addition, he holds a BSc in Information Systems, MSc in Mechatronics (with full scholarship) and a PG Certificate in Social Research Methods

Raj has travelled over 55 countries and studied and worked in Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and Russia. He speaks 5 languages including German, Russian, Tamil, Hindi and English.

Key Awards

  • Full University Doctoral Scholarship
  • Full University Master Scholarship
  • Highly commendable award for the Best Foreign Student for year 2002 in Germany (awarded by German Academic Council, DAAD)
  • Best Employee award by University of Wuerzburg for the year 2008
  • Excellence employee award for year 2009 by Fraunhofer
  • Science awards from Fraunhofer for 2009, 2010, 2011Excellence employee award for year 2010 by Fraunhofer
  • Bavaria-California Research Trip Award by German Academic Council in 2004
  • Bavaria-Indonesia Research Trip Award by German Academic Council in 2006
  • Research Trip to Toronto funded by EU Commission in 2007
  • Research Trip to Japan funded by the Japanese Space Agency
  • Several Invited talks across EU and Asia

Main research interests

  • Technology Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Circular Economy and Sustainability

Grants and contracts

  • Innovate UK Knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP): 2021 to 2023,
    Application Title: Teesside University and Direct Line Supplies Limited: Intelligent Digital Twin for Distribution – CoPi – Teesside University 30% involvement (01.09.21-31.08.2023)
  • THYME Project – Bio Economy Exchange – Proof of concept scheme – 01/07/2021-30/03/22 – (50000 GBP) - CoPI - Teesside University
  • ERDF- Grow Tees Valley GAP-NEPIC EU Commission (Brussels)01/2020-09/2021 Grant Number – 10105020 (32,500 £) – Co-PI – Teesside University
  • IDTC – Industrial Digitalisation Technology Centre Project funded by ERDF and Tees Valley (1.8 Million £) – Academic Support – 15% FTE till September 2022.
  • TVCA Made Smarter Leadership Programme – CPD Design and Delivery (85 hours)
  • Tees Valley Sports Academy – Business Continuity post COVID- Consultancy (14 days) – Teesside University – UTEL Consultancy provision - Agresso ID- 10105021
  • UTEL - Disruptive Innovation - UTEL Unaccredited Open Course [CRM 28403] Agresso ID: 10105024 – Teesside University - £6,000.00 -
  • UTEL – Supply Chain 4.0 - UTEL Unaccredited Open Course [CRM 28403] Agresso ID: 10105023 – Teesside University - £4,800.00
  • SAB Networking Grant for Research Development, German, Principal Investigator “PI” (19,000 €), Fraunhofer (2019)
  • Implementing Industry 4.0, PI (20,000 €), Fraunhofer (2019)
  • Engineering Service Bureau (40,000 €) (PI, Fraunhofer (2014)
  • IT product Family for Business  (50,000 €) (PI, Fraunhofer (2014)
  • Expert Networking Mission (60,000 €), PI, Fraunhofer (2013)
  • Tech Views (50,000 €), PI, Fraunhofer (2013)


Current teaching responsibilities

Module Leader

  • WSC204/WSB204 - Management of Human Resources

Module Tutor

  • WSC206 – Product Innovation Management
  • WSP237 – Engineering Management and Business Studies

Recent publications

  • Kennedy Nomamidobo Amadasun, Michael Short, Rajesh Shankar-Priya, Tracey Crosbie., 2021. Transitioning to Society 5.0 in Africa: Tools to Support ICT Infrastructure Sharing. Data 2021, 6(7), 69; https://doi.org/10.3390/data6070069 
  • Priya, R.S., 2021. Solving a Demand-Supply mismatch by enabling a Value Chain orientation. International Journal for Advanced Science and Engineering7(4), pp.1943-1949
  • Priya, R.S. and Aroulmoji, V., 2020. A Review on Productivity and its Effect in Industrial Manufacturing. International Journal for Advanced Science and Engineering6(4), pp.1490-1499
  • Q. Meng, R. Barza, G. Zysko, R. Shankar, K. Schilling
    Tele-Experimente zur Kinematik Mobiler Roboter via Internet in: H. Roth (ed.), Telematik 2003, VDI-Berichte 1785, p. 115 – 121
  • K. Schilling, Q.Meng, R.Kacprzak, M.Perez, D.Popescu, R. Shankar
    The Autonomous Robotic Laboratory (ARS), IROS Workshop on „Cooperative Robots“,IROS Conference Lausanne 2002.
  • Rajesh Shankar Priya, Klaus Schilling
    UWE-1 Cubesat, Proceedings Workshop on Cubesat, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA 2006
    Schmidt, M., Priya, R.S. and Schilling, K., 2007. The PICO-Satellite UWE-1 and IP Based Telecommunication Experiments. IFAC Proceedings Volumes40(7), pp.721-725.
  • Meng, Qinghao, Klaus Schilling, and Rajesh Shankar Priya. "Navigation Experiments with Mobile Outdoor Rovers via Internet."
  • Rajesh Shankar Priya, Godsell, J., Bal, J. and Abramo, M., 2019
  • Enhancing U.K. Manufacturing Productivity by enabling a Value Chain orientation, (Engineering Doctorate Thesis)