Mariam Qaiser

Pronouns: She/her
  • Doctoral Researcher


  • Chemical Engineering, Master of Science (January 2016-February 2018), University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. Studies focused in advance chemical reaction engineering, transport phenomenon and process safety. Completed final thesis and presented at international conferences.
  • Chemical Engineering, Bachelor of Science (October 2011-July 2015), University of Gujrat, Gujrat, Pakistan. Studied significant subjects such as fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, chemical reaction, engineering, heat and mass transfer, and plant design. Actively participated in team projects and presentations.
  • Pre- Engineering, Higher Secondary School (September 2009-June 2011), Superior College, Sialkot, Pakistan. Studies focused in fundamental engineering subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. Learned basic concepts and applied these concepts to practical issues.


Title: Phenol abatement from aqueous phase using modified nanomaterial
My master’s thesis is on “abatement of phenol from aqueous phase using bimetallic loaded nanomaterial”. MWCNTs (multiwall carbon nanotubes) were loaded with different aluminium and manganese oxide compositions by the wet impregnation method. Several characterization techniques have been applied to explore surface texture (SEM), thermal stability (TGA), porosity (BET), mineralogy (XRD) and functional groups (FTIR & RAMAN) in the modified nanotubes. Synthesized nanocomposites were applied to remove phenol from the aqueous phase, and the results were compared with raw MWCNTs.

Title: Sequestration of CO2 from flue gases of NH3 production plant
During my undergraduate degree, I worked on a design project on “sequestration of CO2 from flue gases of NH3 production plant using chemical absorption technique”. Complete design calculations were performed, including the development of flow sheet diagrams, material balances, energy balances, instrumentation, HAZOP study, risk assessment, and cost estimation.

Professional experience

  • Visiting Lab Engineer, University of Gurjat, Pakistan. 
  • Lab Engineer, Summer Internship, Servis Industries Ltd, Gujrat, Pakistan. 

Title of thesis: Intelligent assessment of reusable plastic packaging for a circular economy

One of the solutions for reducing the impacts of plastic packaging is to take a circular, closed-loop approach which includes multiple reuses of packaging before eventual recycling. This project focuses on a particular issue relating to the reuse of food packaging: preventing contamination by crossover from the old product to the new. The project will take a data-driven approach to assess packaging cleanliness using ultraviolet fluorescence imaging. Fluorescence spectroscopy allows for the detection of fluorophores (in most foodstuffs) on material surfaces and will be used to determine the cleanliness of various polymer pack forms.


Primary supervisor: Dr Elliot Woolley
Secondary supervisors: Dr James Colwill, Dr Patrick Webb, Dr Fiona Hatton