Isaiah Nassiuma

MSc, BSc

  • Doctoral Researcher

Research groups and centres

Isaiah obtained an MSc in engineering management from Poznan University of Technology and a BSC in mechatronics engineering from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology.

Title of thesis: Industry 5.0: Inclusive design methodologies for digital manufacturing

Digital technologies have the potential to transform manufacturing by increasing productivity and opening new business opportunities. However, the UK has had lower levels of adoption than some of our competitors. While this may appear a purely technical challenge to overcome, many of the most pressing barriers can be attributed to a ‘human’ element e.g., a digital skills gap, implementation that fails to support human capability, employee resistance and a lack of senior management support or vision.

The emerging concept of Industry 5.0, built upon Industry 4.0, emphasises a human-centric approach and the worker's wellbeing at the centre of the production process. The research explores inclusive design for industrial digital technologies to understand user needs and variations and enable a change in the mindset from people operating the equipment to equipping the operator. The aim is to develop new knowledge or methodologies supporting manufacturing organisations to adopt sustainable digital technology.