Gaurav Nanajkar

CEng, MIMechE

  • Doctoral Researcher


Gaurav came to the UK to pursue a master's in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management at the University of Sheffield.

After his master's degree he worked in industry for 7 years under various roles such as graduate mechanical engineer, and mechanical design engineer.

Recently he was a senior research engineer working on PEM fuel cell at Intelligent Energy, Loughborough. During this industrial experience, he developed my expertise in designing, finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics.

Gaurav's interest in renewable energy research pulled him towards a PhD, which he began in Jan 2018 at CREST for working towards research on building integrated solar thermal.

Title of thesis: Building envelope integrated solar thermal vacuum system for space and water heating

Gaurav has designed a novel building integrated solar thermal collector which combines the design features of a flat plate collector and a solar concentrator. An initial prototype of design has been tested positively without working fluid to verify whether the collector can withstand vacuum pressure of 0.1Pa which suppresses the heat losses. Thermal modelling of the system along with prototype building is under the process.