Erioluwa Adeola

BSc, MSc

  • Doctoral Researcher

Title of thesis: Future Intelligent IoT Architectures for Tracking and Traceability

The use and effectiveness of IoT, especially in combination with other technological systems, have been extensively investigated in recent times. However, there needs to be a closer look at the interoperability and scalable fusion of the different components of the tracking and traceability system.

Failure of the systems to properly fuse in their operations could lead to a complete failure of the tracking and tracking setup. This could lead to false results and/or an inability to identify faults or monitor product and supply chain conditions. This could lead to a reduction in the quality of the product, loss of consumer confidence, spoilage of the product, waste, etc. In order to further improve the monitoring capacity of IoT tracking and traceability systems, it is necessary to equip them with the necessary capacity to respond appropriately to changes in situations that may occur through the supply chain.

There is, therefore a need to develop the system architecture based on AI to enable it to respond to changes in a complex manufacturing environment.