Amarachi Frances Obilor


Pronouns: She/her
  • Doctoral Researcher

Title of thesis: Laser surface functionalization of polymer surfaces

My research is focused on improving surface functions of polymers through the production of nano and micro surface structures using lasers. The manufacture of surface structures in the micrometre and nanometre scales have been shown to improve surface functions of different engineering materials used for several applications.

In the field of biotechnology, engineered polymers are competing favourably with other materials such as metals and ceramics. Characteristics such as bio inertness, high strength-to weight ratio, high thermal resistivity, etc make polymers the material of choice in the manufacture of implants. For this reason and more, surface engineering of polymer materials continues to gain the attention of researchers. Laser ablation is an effective approach for texturing polymers for functional applications. The use of ultrashort laser pulses effectively produces structures in nano and micrometre range alongside surface chemistry modifications.

My work focuses on enhancing surface functionalities of PEEK for biomedical applications. The main interest area is on the biomechanical functions. Although a few studies have investigated laser surface texturing of PEEK using short, pulsed lasers, there is no detailed report on (ultrashort) picosecond laser ablation of virgin PEEK  with similar material thickness.

Supervisors: Dr Manuela PacellaProfessor Vadim Silberschmidt and Dr Andy Wilson