Dr Pedro Ferreira

MEng (equiv), PhD, FHEA

  • Senior Lecturer in Manufacturing Systems


Dr Pedro Ferreira obtained a degree in Electrical, Electronic and Computer Science Engineering from the New University of Lisbon, Portugal, in 2006. After a brief experience as an IT consultant, he did his PhD in Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management at the University of Nottingham, UK, in 2011. During this period he took up a Research Associate position at the University of Nottingham, and progressed to Research Fellow when his PhD was awarded.

Pedro became a Senior Research Fellow in 2012, which allowed him to broaden his research interests. In 2014 he became a system analyst at Maersk Line IT in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he was promoted to Technical Manager after a few months.

Pedro joined Loughborough University as a Lecturer in June 2015.

Research Interests

Dr Ferreira's research interests are driven by the vision of making intelligent, interconnected and self-adaptable systems which can integrate seamlessly in production environments. His research vision for the next few years is to facilitate the deployment of truly intelligent solutions in industrial environments.

  • Symbiotic Assembly Systems
  • Agent-Based Industrial Control
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Self-Adapting Systems
  • Self-Learning Systems
  • Semantic Technology
  • Modular Assembly Systems
  • Mechatronic Systems

Research activities

  • SelSus; FP7, NMP, IP - Health Monitoring and Life-Long Capability Management for SELf-SUStaining Manufacturing Systems – Senior Research Fellow
  • ReBORN; FP7, NMP, Demonstration - Innovative Reuse of modular knowledge Based devices and technologies for Old, Renewed and New factories – Senior Research Fellow
  • TRANSPARENCY; FP7, NMP, STREP - Adaptive Business Collaboration by Progressive Knowledge Sharing and Engineering – Senior Research Fellow
  • IDEAS; FP7, NMP, STREP - Instantly Deployable Evolvable Assembly Systems – Senior Research Fellow
  • FRAME; FP7, NMP, STREP - Fast Ramp-up and Adaptive Manufacturing Environment – Research Associate/Fellow
  • EUPASS; FP6, NMP, IP - Evolvable Ultra-Precision Assembly Systems – Researcher
  • E-Race; Eureka Factory - E-Space for Collaborative Manufacture of Re-Configurable Assembly Cells – Researcher