Dr Pawel Nycz

CEng, MIMechE

  • Research Associate

Pawel Dominik Nycz is a dynamic professional with a rich blend of profound technical expertise and exceptional interpersonal skills, fostering seamless collaboration. Holding a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Thermal Engineering from Loughborough University, he is honored to be recognized as a Chartered Engineer by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a member of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers.

His career spans roles as an experienced technical and sales project manager, leading end-to-end multimillion international HVAC projects while excelling in providing technical expertise and negotiation skills. Presently, he is focused on advancing high-temperature heat energy storage, transport, and recovery systems for industrial and space applications. Renowned for his expertise in renewable and conventional energy systems, project management, and technical proficiency, he has established an illustrious career in the fields of engineering and research, with a particular focus on pioneering solutions for sustainable energy.

With a Bachelor's Degree from the State University of Applied Science in Krosno and a Master of Science from Rzeszow Technical University, both in Poland, and a PhD in Renewable Energy Systems Technology from Loughborough University, coupled with a background in Mechanical Engineering, Pawel possesses a comprehensive understanding of both the theoretical and practical dimensions of energy generation, transport, and storage systems. His doctoral research focused on the design, modeling, and experimental characterization of a unique domestic-scale heat and power system, integrating high-temperature heat storage, Sodium Heat Pipes, and a free-piston Stirling Engine. This groundbreaking work has significantly contributed to the advancement of renewable energy technologies.

Beyond academia, Pawel has co-founded Shifa Technologies, a pioneering venture specializing in non-electric, non-invasive medical devices, and has successfully managed multi-million HVAC projects at Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH. His accomplishments extend to excelling in sales, project management, and technical support roles within the industrial HVAC sector.

Pawel's expertise encompasses international and multidisciplinary project management, technical and sales negotiations, high-temperature heat transport, and Heat-to-Power conversion systems. Proficient in mechanical and fluid dynamics design and simulation, efficiency calculations, and modeling for heating, ventilation, and cooling systems, he has a proven track record in designing, simulating, and constructing state-of-the-art testing equipment for energy storage systems and technologies.

As a distinguished member of institutions such as the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), the Chartered Institution of Building and Service Engineers (CIBSE), and the Energy Research Accelerator (ERA), Pawel is deeply committed to addressing challenges related to energy efficiency and climate change. He actively participates in research and consultancy projects, including those focused on solar power, energy access, and grid stability.

Pawel's career trajectory seamlessly transitions from academic excellence to real-world application, and he continues to explore innovative avenues to shape a sustainable energy future.

Loughborough University

Research Associate (Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology)

05.2023 – present

Conduct research for Rolls-Royce Submarines and the UK Space Agency on high-temperature (up to 750 C) sodium heat pipes for novel nuclear microreactors for space applications NNPPI.

Research Associate (Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology)

09.2021 – present

Conduct research and development in thermal and thermochemical energy storage materials, systems, and technologies for the ADSORB project, including designing construction, and commissioning of customised test systems, data analysis, and publications. 

Engineering research assistant (part-time)

09.2019 – 03.2020

Deliver 3D mechanical modelling and simulation, providing invaluable technical and engineering guidance, expertise, advice, and support. Contribute to the success of research projects and ensure optimal outcomes for the Modern Energy Cooking Services project.

Shifa Technologies Limited


03.2020 – 12.2023

Cutting-edge research and development in medical devices, with a specialized focus on non-electric, non-invasive, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) systems. (www.shifatech.com)

Carbon13 - Cohort 2


09.2021 – 02.2022

The Venture Builder for the Climate Emergency led efforts in creating and scaling innovative startups focused on addressing the urgent challenges of climate change through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH

Project manager (headquarter Künzelsau, Germany)

02.2016 – 07.2018

Managed up to 10 million € worth of HVAC projects internationally, overseeing all aspects from system design through production to installation. Provided technical expertise and training for foreign branches of the company, developed tailored technical solutions aligned with customer needs, and ensured comprehensive documentation preparation prior to production.

Maico Poland Sp. z o.o. (Maico Elektroapparate-Fabrik GmbH)

Regional technical and sales manager (Poland South)

10.2011 – 11.2015

Managed projects worth up to 2 million €, specializing in ventilation systems for the industrial sector. Provided technical expertise and support, including ventilation installation design, project management, and brand development. Delivered technical training to customers.

Harmann Ventilatoren Sp. z o.o.

Regional technical and sales manager (Poland South)

02.2010 – 08.2011

Drove company and brand recognition development in the entrusted area through technical expertise and advisory support to customers, as well as representing the company at industry events and fairs. Proactively established and coordinated sales and distribution networks for technical solutions and products, while also overseeing project management for projects valued up to 2 million €. (www.harmann.pl)

Dospel Sp. z o.o.

Technical sales adviser (AHUs and industrial ventilators)

03.2008 – 02.2010

Provided comprehensive technical calculations and equipment selection for system design, with expertise in AHU (Air Handling Unit) design for esteemed clients. Collaborated closely with design offices and installation companies, offering technical assistance and trade negotiation support. Played a key role in ventilation system design, ensuring optimal solutions for customers while upholding the highest quality standards. (www.dospel.com)

International Renewable Energy Storage and Systems Conference (IRES 2023) "The Experimental Performance Characterization of Third Generations of modular PCM based Energy

Storage System for Domestic Heating Applications" Pawel Nycz, Philip C. Eames, 2023, RWTH Aachen, Germany

ISES and IEA SHC International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings and Industry “The Experimental Performance Characterisation of a three module Phase Change Energy Storage System for Domestic Heating Applications”, Pawel Nycz, Mohamed Fadl, Philip C. Eames, 2022, Kassel, Germany

20th International Heat Pipe Conference “Sodium heat pipes for a novel high-temperature thermal energy storage system.”, Pawel Nycz, Gianfranco Claudio, Philip C. Eames, 2021, Gelendzhik, Russia

ERA Doctoral Summer Showcase “Commercially available free-piston Stirling Engine evaluation for an operation with a novel high-temperature thermal energy storage system.” Pawel Nycz, Gianfranco Claudio, Philip C. Eames, 2021, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Energy Research Accelerator Conference “A novel high-temperature thermal energy storage system. integrations of a compaction TEST with a Stirling Engine and Sodium heat pipes.” 2020, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Geological Search Technique - Article “Analysis of potential possibility the heat extraction from rocks using oil wells in Carpathian Mountain”, Tomasz Śliwa PhD, Paweł Nycz, 2010 Krakow, Poland

II National Geothermal Congress "The extraction of heat through the rocks, oil drilling in the Carpathians", Tomasz Śliwa PhD, Paweł Nycz. 2009 Bukowina Tatrzańska Poland.