Pam Marr

  • Centre Administrator - Intelligent Automation Centre

Key roles and responsibilities

  • To work with the Intelligent Automation Centre’s Administrative Officer to maintain the Made Smarter Innovation project's website and produce social media content.
  • Organise and service Intelligent Automation Centre meetings (Board meetings, Committee meetings, Centre meetings, etc.) by making meeting arrangements, producing agendas, taking minutes, producing action lists and ensuring that actions are followed up promptly.
  • Organise conferences and workshop events (costing up events, booking venues, contacting speakers, issuing invitations, organising accommodation, providing guidance on claiming expenses, organising and managing event logistics).
  • Update, in conjunction with Centre Manager, planned activities on UKRI MSI Integrated Comms Activities
  • Provide PA role to Peter Kinnell.
  • Work closely with the Administrative Officer and School Research Administrator to support the Centre’s PhD programmes.
  • To maintain the tracking and monitoring of the Made Smarter Innovation budget and procurement within the Centre, maintaining accurate records of all purchases.
  • Support the Centre Management Team in drafting bid documents.

Alternative contact